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March 31, 2005


Frank S. Wagner

It sounds like you are having an exciting weekend in Austin and I plan on being there. I hope to meet up with you again.
Three years ago my hometown's school board planned to to tear down my old elementary school and I wrote a lengthy letter to the principal letting her know what a remarkable place this was. I wrote about the day in the third grade when we learned about President Kennedy's assassination. That chapter was entitled 'The Most Horrible Day in My Life.' The letter was circulated around amongst my old childhood friends and many thought it was interesting. Then year's later one of my English professors at the university once known as Southwest Texas State University turns out to be one of the pivotal characters of that tragic time. So many people say they remember every detail of that day with great accuracy. That's what happened to me. That November weekend turned me into a life time news junky.

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