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May 25, 2005


Kim M. Bayne

Today's children will be asked a similar question in 20 or 30 years: where were you when the World Trade Center was attacked? My daughter remembers it as a pivotal time in her life; a precursor to a sadder, darker America. Does history repeat itself? Every generation has a tale that confirms it does.

When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? -- "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," by Pete Seeger
Tom Russell

My wife and I were awaiting the President at Market Hall. We were there at the invitation of the White House directly through a personal friend named Reverend Baxton Bryant. On our tickets are stamped WH - 87 and 88 on them. Other Market Hall invitations were given out by the ultra-conservative right wing Citizens Charter Associaiton and there were few Kennedy supporters among them. I recently had an interview with the curator of the JFK Museum who said he doubted the story. When I insisted the story was true, the administrator did further research and admitted the legitimacy of our White House Invitation. I have two of the invitations and would like to speak to others who have invitations that are so imprinted. I was going to give mine to the JFK Museum but not now.


I was 7 years old when President Kennedy was killed, i remember i was in the 3rd grade in NYC my teacher was teaching the class when another teacher came in the room and whispered something in my teacher's ear then she left my teacher started to cry then told us we must report to the auditorium, so the whole school went to the auditorium , i didnt know what was going on then the principal made an annoucment to the school and said that President Kennedy was shot and that school was suspended for the day, i remember it being around 1pm when we left, it was on a friday, i ran home and told my mother in shock, and of course she already knew, so one by one my brothers and sisters was coming home from school early, we all gathered around the living room tv to watch the news about the assasination of JFK,it was a very sad day in America that i will never forget.

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