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August 15, 2005


butch rosal

Sir, why is it that the issue of President Jack Kennedy starting a debt FREE dollar which would have eventually done away with the Federal Reserve system (which many believe to be a racketeering private agency that works for the government) this action by Kennedy was to many the MAIN reason he was assassinated, or ordered to be killed, besides the other reasons like giving "Civil Rights" messing with the mafia and so-forth. I'd like to know why no one notices that President Johnson immediately replaced Kennedy's order by returning to the old Federal Reserve system. It seems to me that should be investigated. What can you tell me? butchrosal@yahoo.com

Bob Huffaker

Butch, I'm not familiar with the Federal Reserve history that you question, but I can affirm that Oswald acted alone in the murders of JFK and J.D. Tippit. Despite anything you might have read or heard, ballistics, autopsy, and eyewitness evidence has always been clear about the physical circumstances of these murders, which I covered from the beginning as a reporter.

Questions still remain about Oswald's apparent ease in getting passports to Cuba and Russia and whether someone might have influenced Oswald. We authors of When the News Went Live would never rule out the possibility that Oswald had collaborators of some sort. But even after forty-two years, there is not a shred of credible evidence to link him to a wider conspiracy.

Thanks for visiting our site. I hope that reading When the News Went Live will answer some of your suspicions. Your questions are always welcome.

Best wishes,
Bob Huffaker

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